Careers At The JM Group

The JMGroup at Sentrix Financial Services, Inc. 

You’ll notice that when you visit a JMGroup location, you’ll see that we’re a different then the rest.

You’ll find a dynamic work environment where employees of all levels interact with one another, exchange ideas, and grow personally and professionally. People power our business.

When you join The JMGroup, you’re moving your career forward. You’ll work alongside colleagues who embrace your talents. You’ll find that your efforts and ideas are encouraged and supported.


Mission and Values

Our Mission

Provide a better quality of life for our customers by offering a full spectrum of products and services delivered with a genuine commitment to understanding their specific needs and financial well-being; to create value for our investors and communities; and to employ exceptional talent that confirms this commitment.

Our Vision

The JMGroup will become the most trusted mortgage group with a national reputation for developing genuine relationships with our customers through hard work, loyalty, and straightforwardness. Along with deep-rooted knowledge and expertise, our focus is to help people put their best financial foot forward.

People: qualified, experienced professionals dedicated to being the best to help our customers get the best.

Portfolio: providing best-in-class products to commercial, retail, and mortgage customers.

Partners: a nurturing network of financial professionals who create and provide a culture of confidence to move customers’ finances forward.

Profit: maximizing long-term returns for our shareholders not only financially but emotionally, being ever mindful of our responsibilities to all facets of our customers’ lives.

Productivity: together, as an organization, providing our products and services in an effective and efficient manner.


Our Corporate Values


These are at the core of everything we do at The JMGroup. Our values are shared, implemented, and embraced in every interaction we have with every customer — and each other.


Honest and straightforward: always upright, always truthful. No putting off, no putting on, simply doing the right thing. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and fix it.


Hardworking: never wavering, never wandering, and always completing every task, request or transaction on time.


Loyal and trustworthy: looking out for each customer’s financial well being as if it were our own.


Community: be a responsible, active member of the community, true to our roots and making a difference by building and supporting our neighbors.


Why Work for The JMGroup?


The JMGroup is more than just a place to work – it’s a community of professionals who are truly committed to the growth of the company and have an invested interest in its success. It’s a place where ambitious, smart, and independent people can make their mark.


We’re always on the lookout for passionate, achievement-oriented people who are prepared to move our business forward. We celebrate success and provide unlimited equal opportunity for growth, recognition, and reward.


What our employees and customers think of us is very important. That’s why we make every effort to be accessible, answer questions, and help solve problems.


At the JMGroup, you’ll encounter diverse minds, friendly and supportive people and opportunities to learn and achieve at every level. Whatever specialty you find yourself in, you’ll be joining a team that believes in working together towards what’s next.


Our culture is fast-paced, friendly, challenging, and stimulating. It represents who we are, and the people we hire quickly become part of it.


We’re Building Better Communities


We value and respect our customers, who live and work in the same communities we do. At the JMGroup, we take our role as a good corporate citizen seriously. That’s why we provide direct support to our communities through sponsorships, grassroots events, and the volunteerism of our employees. Of course, we also contribute to the vitality of our communities through our banking and home lending activities.

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